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Corporate Advisory

We help blockchain businesses achieve their fundraising goals


Partner with an experienced advisor

The best advice comes from an expert you can trust, with a verifiable track record in the field they operate.

Our institutional expertise enables us to provide our clients with best practices from the traditional financial sector, coupled with a deep understanding of blockchain technology.

The end result is a professionally managed and effective fundraising process.

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Stand up to scrutiny

The foundation of every successful fundraise is the development of realistic fundraising goals, a justifiable valuation, and a highly compelling pitch.

Our team of ex-investment bank analysts aim to conduct the same level of commercial due diligence and analysis as undertaken by the world’s leading digital asset investors.

This includes, but is not limited to, advanced financial modelling, marketing sizing, asset valuation, scenario and sensitivity analysis. In doing so, we help our clients to become price makers, not price takers.


Stand out from the crowd

There are few more effective ways to make yourself heard than via a warm introduction.

We scale the power of relationships via Saxon Syndicate, our members-only network of institutional investors with a blockchain investment thesis.

Our sales team rally interest from Saxon Syndicate members on your behalf and arrange face-to-face or video management presentations where you have the opportunity to pitch.

Through Saxon Syndicate we provide access to a some of world’s leading blockchain investors.

Our fundraising process

Stage 1: Research & Analysis

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Financial Modeling

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Market Analysis

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Stage 2: Investor Marketing Materials

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Elevator Pitch

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Investor Opportunity Deck

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Investor Opportunity Report

Stage 3: Investor Sourcing & Negotiation

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Sourcing Investors

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Approach Strategy

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Negotiation Advice