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Saxon Circle

A private network for blockchain focused institutional investors

Saxon Circle

Discover lucrative blockchain investment opportunities

Saxon Circle was established to provide investors with access to highly lucrative investment opportunities in the blockchain arena. Saxon Circle is aimed primarily at institutional investors; however, on a case by case basis, we also make our research available to high net worth individuals.

How does Saxon Circle work?


Deal sourcing & in-depth research

Saxon Advisors source and analyse new investment opportunities. Once a project passes our due diligence process, a covering analyst is assigned to undertake a holistic analysis of the investment opportunity. They will work with the project’s team to develop the following member resources:-

- Pitch book and tear sheet

- Data room

- Placement memorandum

- Financial model

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Matching and distribution

New opportunities are uploaded to the platform for selected members to review. Members with overlapping stage and sector interests are invited to login to the Saxon Circle platform where they have the ability to:

- Access member resources relating to the deal

- Ask the project’s team questions via direct message

- Arrange a face-to-face or video presentation with the team


Follow-up analysis and support

The covering analyst is made available to Saxon Circle members to assist in their investment processes. When a member wishes to advance an opportunity to their investment committee, the may utilise the Saxon Advisors covering analyst to:

- Source additional information about the team, market, project

- Explain how our token or equity valuation was reached

- Conduct bespoke additional deal specific research

Saxon Circle Membership


Why apply to join Saxon Circle?

Qualified deal flow

Pre-qualified investment opportunities matched to your stage and sector focus

Deep dive research

Institutional grade equity and token research conducted by our analysts.

Exclusive deals and terms

Early access and preferential deal terms unavailable to non-members.


How to apply for membership?

Stage 1: Discovery

Book an introductory call with one of our team by clicking the button below.

Stage 2: Review

Your application is assessed by management.

Stage 3: Whitelisting

On the first of each month, approved members are whitelisted and receive platform login details.